How to choose cleaning agents for domestic pets?
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How to choose cleaning agents for domestic pets?

  There are a lot of detergent products. You can choose one at will if you don't have a pet. But how should you choose after you have a pet? In fact, we mainly look at these methods.

  1、 Be sure to smell the smell. The pet's smell is usually sensitive. If the smell is too strong, it may cause the pet's smell to fail.

  2、 Cleaners should buy brand cleaners or pet cleaners. Some miscellaneous cleaners will corrode the skin, including metals, which may change color due to contact with them.

  When buying cleaners, try to choose brands as much as possible, which will be relatively safe. If you are worried that cleaners will cause harm to pets, try to buy pet specific cleaners, which can not only clean their clothes, but also be used for household cleaning.