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  Zhengzhou luyuanbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Taiwan luyuanbao Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. are committed to the R & D, production and sales of biotechnology. The company is located in the Taiwan business building in Zhengdong District, Henan free trade zone. Green Yuanbao environmental protection master series of organic products have been certified by the international general standard and the European Union for more than ten years. The company follows the principles of green, organic and environmental protection of products, good faith and win-win cooperation.

  Zhengzhou luyuanbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites all walks of life to join hands to keep away from environmental pollution, create a green and organic ecological environment, and build an environmentally friendly and healthy beautiful home.




Plant protection

  This product adopts microelement to make the nutrient elements nano (small molecules), which can be absorbed by plants immediately, and is less likely to be affected by disease bacteria. It makes plants strong and has the effect of insect repellent and disease prevention. The biological decomposition of this product is more than 99%, which meets the EU organic standards and is safe and harmless.  Product features:  1. It can be used for root irrigation and foliar spraying with better absorption effect.  2. It can be sprayed on the whole ground, and the use of fixed seedlings is better.  3. The product is alkaline and can repel insects and prevent diseases.  4. The product is nano-sized extraction of plants, non-toxic and harmless, and maintains the health of users.  Product features:  1. It forms an alkaline environment on plants and effectively inhibits the occurrence of fungi. The sterilization rate is over 99% as verified by the environmental science and technology center of Yuanzhi University and SGS.  2. The main raw material of this product is vegetable oil. It is transparent and flows normally when the temperature is above 18 ℃; Under 18 ℃, it will gradually become white and thick, which is a normal phenomenon.  3. It can inhibit the action of crustaceans, decompose the oil film used for protection and lubrication on insects, reduce their action and protection, and spray it on the insect body. It is effective without medicinal and control ingredients.


Luyuanbao biotech works with customers to find effective ways of sustainable development and continuously meet the development needs of customers.