Kitchen cleaning
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Kitchen cleaning

  1. Dishwashing, chopsticks, cups and dishes: easy to wash, no need to worry about the residual Petrochemical lotion harming human body and liver.

  2. Washing vegetables and fruits: soaking in water containing lvyuanbao can decompose and dilute pesticides, increase the freshness of vegetables and fruits, and expel vegetable insects.

  3. Flow table: it can make the flow table bright and clean, and form a protective film, which is not easy to attach dirt.

  4. Pan washing: generally, the dirt and oil dirt on the periphery of the pan can be easily removed, and the special dirt can be wiped first,

  Stay for about 5 minutes and wipe it after it decomposes the dirt.

  5. Cleaning range hood: it can decompose oil dirt and remove oil dirt, especially when the water temperature is 40 ℃, so it can be washed

  Any highly oily appliance.

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